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Episode 52 Welcome Back, Theoryologists! New year, and new topics! Also, we are taking the growing approach of value-for-value funding for the show. P...View Details

Episode 51 This time, we continue our Bones of Tyranny discussion by exploring the concept of the Stand Alone Complex and why fires of civil unrest an...View Details

Episode 50 In 2006, the United States Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which, among other things, allowed for the president to ...View Details

Episode 49   Question: Do you think there is merit to the idea that governments and societal authorities use social control theory and moral panic to ...View Details

Episode 48 For many, the world seems to have lost its mind. For others, the world became a very threatening and scary place. Society is under attack a...View Details

Episode 47 When life ends, tragically and suddenly, or perhaps even naturally in its due course, can those final moments provide an opportunity for a ...View Details

Episode 46 Dogs play a role in all aspects of human history. They are part of our history, lore, our ancient belief systems, and our families. Dogmen,...View Details

Episode 45 This time on Conspiracy Theoryology, we wrap up on discussion of the Spanish Flu, exploring the medical knowledge of the time, what we now ...View Details

BONUS Episode Hey there theoryologists. This time I have a bonus episode for you. Many of you are restricted to home, and the short radius of permissi...View Details

Episode 44 We continue our discussion on pandemic mania, and this time we are getting to the heart of the matter. The reason for the season. The basel...View Details

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