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Episode 40 We have all heard the adage, “Extraordinary Claims require Extraordinary Evidence.” Have you asked yourself, “what does that even mea...View Details

Episode 39 Haunted houses have a long and storied history. One of the earliest stories which we have originates in Ancient Rome. Pliny the Younger wri...View Details

Episode 38 Witchcraft intrigues us and captures our imagination. The concept is steeped in history, and the practice is shrouded in magick and the mys...View Details

Episode 37 Spoiler alert. Mass Hallucination is not a real phenomenon. It does not exist. At least not as depicted in popular media. Regardless, it’...View Details

Episode 36 This time Ryan jumps on the microphone for a bit of off-the-cuff discussion regarding the hot UFO topic of US Navy admission that the relea...View Details

Episode 35: Theoryology Bites Time for a short Bonus Episode! Theoryology Bites is a bit of a side show idea to cover things that simply don't have an...View Details

Episode 34 Welcome back Theoryologists! We are talking about the theory of Peak Oil. The Peak Oil theory has a long history, that, while coined in 195...View Details

Episode 33 "Honor yourself because you survived." - NK Kranda These words encapsulate a unique and welcomed approach for those that have experienced t...View Details

Episode 32 This episode we explore our fascination with the Petrified Forest, located in Arizona. Specifically we will discuss the curse that has been...View Details

Episode 31 Welcome back, Theoryologists. We are wrapping up our discussion of Jade Helm 15 and addressing our suspicions that is was, at the very leas...View Details

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