UA-142647510-2 Flu Shots and Face Masks - Moral Panic and Social Control Theory

Episode 49


Question: Do you think there is merit to the idea that governments and societal authorities use social control theory and moral panic to shape public behavior at the expense of personal freedoms and liberties?

We have previously discussed the psychology of masks and the impact on social interaction, empathy, and personal inhibition. This time the discussion focuses on the sociology of these issues, and the use of social controls to establish, implement, and normalize desired behaviors within the population. 

In order to discuss the relationship between the issues of vaccination and face masks, and understand the current divide in public opinion on both topics, we must understand the terms and tools being used to execute this shaping of social norms.

This time, on Conspiracy Theoryology, we discussion Social Control Theory and Moral Panic. Two concepts that may just help us to understand the public fascination, and social divide occurring over the issues of mandatory vaccination and face mask policies.


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