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BONUS Episode

Hey there theoryologists. This time I have a bonus episode for you. Many of you are restricted to home, and the short radius of permissible travel from outside of the house, just trying to maintain as much normalcy for yourself and your families. Conversely, many of you are out there doing what you do, keeping the daily essentials of life moving along without a hitch. Whichever camp you find yourself, know that I appreciated very much the fact that through all this, you have taken time to listen to this little podcast. 

NK approached me a little more than a week ago, suggesting that we record and take a moment to change the subject a bit. For those of you long time listeners, you know that NK is a very special previous guest and now friend of the show, and she has become a very dear and wonderful personal friend. So, when she suggested we record, I jumped at the chance to set aside the stress of the day and spend a bit of time catching up with a great person. 

So, with that, I am very pleased to introduce, for this bonus episode of Conspiracy Theoryology, a special event  we call “Quarantine Quiet Time with NK and Ryan”.

For this episode, the music is again brought to you by the amazing Adam Henry Garcia. Enjoy!


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