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Episode 46 Dogs play a role in all aspects of human history. They are part of our history, lore, our ancient belief systems, and our families. Dogmen,...View Details

Episode 45 This time on Conspiracy Theoryology, we wrap up on discussion of the Spanish Flu, exploring the medical knowledge of the time, what we now ...View Details

BONUS Episode Hey there theoryologists. This time I have a bonus episode for you. Many of you are restricted to home, and the short radius of permissi...View Details

Episode 44 We continue our discussion on pandemic mania, and this time we are getting to the heart of the matter. The reason for the season. The basel...View Details

Episode 43 Part 2 of our discussion on pandemic fears. As the current outbreak in China continues to evolve in both scale and impact, we take the time...View Details

Episode 42 Part 1 of our discussion on pandemic fears, where we will dig into the unfolding coronavirus outbreak and explore the basis of our fascinat...View Details


Episode 41 Synchronicity. A concise, yet allusively defined term first coined by the Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung. Simply put, synchronicity is under...View Details

Episode 40 We have all heard the adage, “Extraordinary Claims require Extraordinary Evidence.” Have you asked yourself, “what does that even mean?” Ch...View Details

Episode 39 Haunted houses have a long and storied history. One of the earliest stories which we have originates in Ancient Rome. Pliny the Younger wri...View Details

Episode 38 Witchcraft intrigues us and captures our imagination. The concept is steeped in history, and the practice is shrouded in magick and the mys...View Details

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