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The best way you can support the show is by spreading the word.

"Who should I tell?"

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Social Media cohorts
  • Podcast junkies
  • Conspiracy buffs
  • Bigfoot hunters
  • Alien abductees 
  • Skeptics
  • Believers
  • Hoaxers
  • Flat Earthers
  • Birthers
  • The "Grays"
  • Time travelers
  • Anyone you find on the grassy knoll
  • That weird uncle that knows what too much about the engineering behind the twin towers.
  • "Nope. They are watching. I stay off the grid."

That's cool. Just subscribing and enjoying is support enough. I'm good with that.

For those familiar with the previous Patreon page, that is no longer active. The Patreon page has been discontinued.

Podcast financial support is a funny thing. Conspiracy Theoryology does not have advertising within the episodes. (If you hear ads, they are inserted by the listening platforms and no revenue is shared with the podcast.)

We've taken an indirect approach. In order to keep the podcast free and open, please consider supporting by purchasing merchandise through one of the various online marketplaces: - The Theoryology page on Etsy has shirts and digital downloads that are entirely inspired by topics from the show or related to conspiracy theory, the paranormal, and unexplained. - We are now selling shirts and other clothing items through Merch By Amazon under the label Theoryology Designs. It's not just show themed. This is where I'm flexing my creative muscles and selling all sorts of shirt designs that come from life, family, and my strange sense of humor.

You can also get show merchandise at our product page through at the TheoryologyPod page. We've got mugs and shirts and a really cool hoodie!

Thanks for the support in whatever form that takes.

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